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Total Mobility Scheme

Travel subsidies for people with disability or mobility issues

If you are unable to travel safely on public transport, you may be eligible for subsidised taxi services.

The Total Mobility scheme issues vouchers or an electronic card that allows the holder to receive a 50 per cent discount on normal taxi fares and fares from other specialist transport providers. People who use the scheme must carry a valid Total Mobility photo ID card to get the discounted fare.

Your Way | Kia Roha provides assessments and can issue vouchers under the Total Mobility scheme in Hamilton, Waipā, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Taranaki. 

Who is eligible for Total Mobility?

Total Mobility may be available if a person’s disability prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following parts of an unaccompanied journey by public transport in a safe and dignified manner:

  • Get to the place where the transport departs
  • Get on to the transport
  • Ride securely
  • Get off the transport
  • Get to the final destination

The disability can be permanent, temporary (has lasted or is expected to last for six months or more) or fluctuating (able to use public transport some, but not all of the time). You can only use Total Mobility for transport not already funded by other sources like the Ministry of Health or job support funding from Workbridge.

Examples of mobility limitations that would qualify for Total Mobility

  • If you’re unable to walk to the nearest bus stop or get on and off a bus because of pain, respiratory problems, inability to see or hear, you rely on complex walking aids, or if you need someone else’s help to get around.
  • Total loss, or severe impairment, of vision which prevents you from using public transport alone.
  • Intellectual or mental disabilities which may mean you need help from someone else.

How do I apply for Total Mobility support? 

If you’re located in Hamilton, Waipā, Tauranga, Rotorua, or Taranaki you can call Your Way | Kia Roha on 0800 008 011 for more information or to arrange an assessment. In other areas please contact your local regional council to see how the scheme operates near you. There’s more information in the Total Mobility Guide from the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Information for Total Mobility transport operators

All Total Mobility drivers will need special training so they can assist passengers with special needs and safely use hoists and ramps if their vehicle is equipped with them. You can find more information about driver training requirements in the Total Mobility Scheme Policy Guide.

Total Mobility driver training is available from Passrite.

Read the User Guide to Total Mobility at the New Zealand Transport Agency website for more information about how Total Mobility works. The User Guide includes contact information for the Total Mobility operator and participating taxi companies in each region.