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Become a Professional Hearing Therapist

Your Way | Kia Roha employs professional hearing therapists across Aotearoa New Zealand and provides on-the-job training, with no student debt.

As a new recruit, you will be required to spend your first two years working towards a New Zealand Diploma in Hearing Therapy Level 6, which will provide you with a recognised professional qualification in aural rehabilitation. This training programme is full-time and involves a combination of practical clinic work and theory, which will require some personal study time.

The New Zealand Diploma in Hearing Therapy Level 6 offered through Your Way | Kia Roha is supported by Careerforce, a recognised Industry Training Organisation for the health, wellbeing and social sectors.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a hearing therapist at Your Way | Kia Roha, contact us here:

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"Over many years of debilitating hearing loss, I received a cochlear ear implant in December 2022. After wonderful help from Your Way | Kia Roha Hearing Therapy, I have been able to return to three organisations helping them with committee work. They have provided a wonderful service. It has also made such a difference to the relationship with my wife."
Roland Ellis ONZM. TD.