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Tō Oranga Pai | Living Well Plan

A Tō Oranga Pai | Living Well Plan can help you set goals for living a good or better life. You can create your own plan or contact us if you need some help to live well.

Tō Oranga Pai | Living Well Plan is about you and the goals you have to live a good life. A good life means different things to different people – it could mean having more support in your home, getting out more, a new place to live where you feel more comfortable and your needs are better met, finding a job, staying in school, or making more friends.

The Plan is yours, created by you and anyone you choose to help you (family / whānau, friends, a caregiver, disability organisation).

Our team at Your Way | Kia Roha Connections & Funding can be involved in creating your Plan, or you can download and complete the Plan on this page and share it with us when you’re ready. The Plan includes some ideas to think about as you consider what’s most important in your life. 

Complete your Living Well Plan online:

Alternatively, you can download the Living Well Plan here:

Our Connections & Funding team are here to help make your plan a reality 

Once you share it with us, or if we’re involved in helping you create it, we will connect you to the supports and resources that best meet your needs. Supports and resources may come from a range of places; whānau, friends, your community, disability services, or school.

We’ll identify what funding is available so you can put your Tō Oranga Pai | Living Well Plan into action as soon as possible. If there is limited funding to meet all your goals, we’ll talk with you about what’s most important, and when and how you can get what you need.

To find out more about what we do, read How We Work With You:

If you start a Tō Oranga Pai | Living Well Plan and need some help or more guidance, please contact us. We’re here to help. 

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"I’m feeling a lot stronger. I believe in myself, and I can do it. I want to live my own life."

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Suggest an edit for Living Well Plans