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Supporting you to live the life you choose

Your Way l Kia Roha is a charitable trust dedicated to helping disabled people thrive, living the lives they choose in their communities.
group meeting at table
group meeting at table

We've got a new name!

Life Unlimited and Access Ability have merged and now operate under our new name Your Way l Kia Roha. Our family of brands, including Journey Together, Imagine Better, Altogether Autism, and Mobility Centre now also sit under our newly named organisation. 

What does our new name mean?

Your Way speaks of self-determination and refers to the fact that each person is unique. Kia Roha means to spread your wings and fly. It speaks to people being aspirational, actively seeking and reaching their goals.  

Names you can trust

Altogether Autism and Mobility Centre are also part of Your Way | Kia Roha.

Our new name
Autism Information
Mobility Equipment

“The tools you’ve provided gave the staff the appreciation to be more patient and understanding with our children with autism.”

Vanessa, Samoa Taumafai Aoga Amata

“Was a great balance of give and take, practice and theory. Loved the ebb and flow, opening yourself up, experiences etc. Loved that you showed, not told.”

Workshop participant

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