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Shelley’s choice: Living a good life 

Shelley lives a good life now and she is teaching everyone that change is not always a bad thing, writes her sister and ally, Margot.  

Looking back on Shelley’s journey, I have seen a positive transformation.  My sister’s journey reflects on what we can achieve when getting the right support.  

In the past, Shelley’s days were the same every day, restricted by strict routines and activities that did not match her needs.  But Shelley is now living a better life, participating in a wider range of activities that she loves such as mingling with surfers at the beach, and going to music events and movies.  

These new activities are gateways to a world of colour, life and vibrant stories told by the sea, the music, and the cinema. 

This transition has not only brought vitality and self-assurance to Shelley’s life but also widened her support network.  A diverse group of supporters, mainly students, has introduced new ideas and activities to Shelley’s life.  But not everyone is new.  A friend and companion of 23 years remains a vital and cherished part of her circle. 

Engaging in art spaces and community galleries has inspired Shelley to show more of her artistic side.  She now paints and draws both at home and in studios.  The freedom to choose her activities has sparked her enthusiasm for lively market trips and the confidence to go down to the local dairy independently.  My sister constantly tells me she is living a good life, and words cannot express how much comfort and joy this brings me.  

Shelley shifted to using Individualised Funding for wellbeing and our family’s peace of mind, and this change has been our best decision.  

Shelley is no longer a spectator who is letting life happen to her.  Now with her newfound voice and confidence, she expresses her preferences and suggestions more openly.  She is living the life she wants.  Look at her rushing out to take the washing off the line!  She is stronger, has more choices, and enjoys the good things in life. 

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