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Getting the support you need

Child in a wheelchair enjoying outdoors with a carer

Here’s some information about getting the support you need to make life as independent and enjoyable as possible for your child with a disability.

Grow your community connections
Get to know your neighbours – you never know when you might need their help and most people are happy to carry out small favours from time-to-time, for example they might be willing to mow your grass berm on the street – or even just lend you a cup of sugar!  If you haven’t met them, you could introduce yourself face-to-face or there are also online resources available for getting to know your local community such as Neighbourly or suburban/local Facebook groups you can join. In some areas, you can also trade any useful skills you might have on Timebank get the help you need for free.

Is your home fit for purpose?
Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in their own home. If you need to modify your home so it is easier for your child to get around, visit our Accessibility and mobility section.

Does your child require personal care?
Your NASC can help you choose a local disability services provider to help with personal care (you can find a list of all Home and Community Support Services providers on the Home and Community Healthcare Association website). Find out more about Home and Community Support Services or talk to your local NASC.

If you are not eligible for Government funding, you may still wish to employ a carer or home-based help. You could advertise yourself, or use a service like MyCare to help match you with a carer who will suit your needs.    

Does your child with a disability want a break away?
You might have access to funding for respite services which allow your child to take a short-term break at a community-based residence.  A respite service should provide a safe, enjoyable environment for them to have a break away your family. There is limited availability, depending on what your needs are and where you live and you need to talk to your local Needs Assessment Service Coordination organisation (NASC) about whether this service is right for you.

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