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Working With Autistic Learners

Workshop Purpose 

To equip educators at all levels of education to work effectively and compassionately with autistic learners.

What You Will Learn

Learn how autism impacts the learning experiences of autistic learners, including sensory and communication differences, social skills, and behaviour. Develop strategies for working with learners’ strengths informed by autistic experiences in a range of learning environments from early childhood to tertiary education.

Workshop Details

Duration: One day in person OR two 3-hour sessions online.

Where available: Live in-person workshops (either as a public workshop or at your location), or online via Zoom or MS Teams. 

Facilitators: All our learning events are facilitated by presenters with in-depth knowledge and/or lived experience of autism. 

Other Workshops

Smaller workshops are also available with a focus on specific areas of education including sensory needs, communication, social stories, and Autism and ADHD. Please contact us to discuss these options.

To enquire about this training, phone us on 0800 008 011 or fill in this enquiry form:


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