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Tailored Learning

Tailored training and workshops that are purpose-designed to meet the specific learning needs of disability sector service providers and agencies. 

Does your team have specific learning and development needs and would like a customised training solution?  

Are you looking to develop new skills within your organisation so your team can provide a broader range of services?

Whatever your learning needs, we can help you to strategise, plan, develop, and deliver the bespoke learning that your team needs.

Tailored Learning That Works

Your Way | Kia Roha and our sub-brands, Altogether Autism and Imagine Better, have a long history of creating training and workshops for specific purposes. We listen to autistic and disabled people and the sector, and work with others to create workshops, training, events, resources, and networks that equip participants with practical tools for implementing their good life.

Whether you are an individual or agent managing a personal budget, a service provider looking to develop your teams’ capability and skills, or an agency wanting to deepen its ability to serve – we can work with you to develop a learning framework to suit your needs.

Talk to us about what skills you want to develop, and we can create learning options that will achieve your aims.

Phone us on 0800 008 011 or fill in this enquiry form: