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Planning with Graphic Facilitation using PATH

Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH) is a well-recognised and practical method of assisting people to create a vision for their lives and plan out how to achieve this. It is fundamentally different to a ‘personal plan or an education plan or a lifestyle plan’. 

PATH uses a potent combination of process, strategy, graphics and facilitation to assist the person you serve plan their good life.  It is a skill set you can bring in-house and develop with your existing team. It will create a platform that will enhance your annual planning processes (or be used as a new approach).

This two-day event teaches the fundamentals of all aspects of PATH including:

  • The overall process of PATH and what is required at each step
  • Process and graphic facilitation
  • Managing the group dynamics
  • Set up and getting the right people in the room
  • Resources and equipment
  • Getting very hands on and practical so you leave with a good working knowledge.

Workshop Details

Length: 2 days 

Where available:  Run at your organisation, anywhere in New Zealand.

To enquire about this training phone us on 0800 008 011 or fill in this enquiry form: