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Making the Most Out of Your Personal Budget

This one-day event will lay a foundation of core principles and strategies for consideration by those wanting to maximise their individualised budget.

Using your personal budget resources to create outcomes that make your life better is what this workshop focuses on. Designing how best to use the funding will enable you to focus the resources on the areas where you can get your best return and also identify the areas where you can get freely given or natural support to assist. 

The event covers:

  • How the system works, including having success with Connections & Funding (NASC)
  • What is the good life and how to plan for it?
  • Creating a positive and realistic vision for the future
  • What can I, and what can’t I, buy with the money?
  • Practical wisdom from other budget holders
  • Important considerations of having your home as a ‘workplace’.

Workshop Details

Length: 1 day

Where available:  Run in multiple locations around New Zealand.

To enquire about this Making the Most Out of Your Personal Budget training phone us on 0800 008 011 or fill in this enquiry form:

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