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Developing Your Vision for the Future Workshop

Workshop Summary

Having a vision for your future is fundamentally different to having a personal plan, education plan or lifestyle plan. Creating and clarifying your vision is like having your own personal GPS for life.

PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) has been used around the world as a reliable process that allows people to create their vision of a good life and then work out how to achieve it. This two-day event teaches all aspects of PATH including:

  • The overall process of PATH and what is required at each step
  • Process and graphic facilitation
  • Managing the group dynamics
  • Setting up and getting the right people in the room
  • Resources and equipment
  • Getting hands-on and practical so you develop a good working knowledge.

This workshop is suitable for: people with lived experience of disability; family / whānau supporting people living with a disability; and support agency staff / direct support staff / supporters.

Workshop Details

Length: Up to 2 days (tailored to suit your learning needs)

Where available: We go wherever you need us to be. 

To enquire about this Developing your Vision for the Future training phone us on 0800 008 011 or fill in this enquiry form:


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