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Advanced Autism Professional Development

Workshop Purpose

To equip professionals or clinicians with a deeper understanding of autism and how to incorporate a strength-based approach when working with autistic people, drawing from lived experience, up-to-date research and clinical best practice.

The workshop specifically looks at different clinical strategies and how we can adapt these with working with autistic people.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to incorporate a mana-enhancing approach when working with autistic people, drawing from recent research and clinical best practice
  • Investigate different clinical strategies and how to adapt these with working with autistic people
  • Learn from lived experience, professional practice and up-to-date research
  • Hear about issues that matter most to autistic people and their families
  • Understand the importance of autistic perspectives
  • Explore new and emerging topics
  • Understand how to effectively use a range of interventions when working with autistic clients
  • Understand the relationship between autism and mental health with practical steps to support holistic well-being
  • Gain tips and strategies for your work
  • Understand the impact of the medical model and the importance of the language used to describe autism
  • Gain an awareness of the New Zealand Autism Guideline, its purpose and how it is kept up to date through the Living Guideline Group
  • Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and lived experience of our specialist facilitators.

Workshop Details

Duration: Two days in person OR four 3-hour sessions live and online.

Where available: Live in-person workshops (either as a public workshop or at your location), or online via Zoom or MS Teams. 

Facilitators: All our learning events are facilitated by presenters with in-depth knowledge and/or lived experience of autism.


To enquire about this training phone us on 0800 008 011 or fill in this enquiry form:

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"Thank you for the amazing hui today.  I learned several new things about behaviour, reactions, and responses – and I just loved the strengths-based approach to finding joy, accomplishment and satisfaction. Thank you, Altogether Autism, Your Way I Kia Roha – fantastic information for parents and professionals."
Becky Ahmadi