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Three hearing-healthy gifts for Dad

When you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift this week – make sure you consider the protection of your Dad’s precious ears in your gift choice, says New Zealand’s free Hearing Therapy Service.

Regardless of age, it’s really important to protect your hearing. It allows us to communicate, learn, experience, and enjoy the world around us. Here are three gift ideas that are hearing-friendly.

1) Power tool protection. We know power tools are popular Father’s Day gifts in New Zealand but if you’re going to gift a chainsaw, drill or leaf-blower – make sure you include the earmuffs, or a voucher for him to buy his own. Noise-induced hearing loss is a big problem in New Zealand, with at least 100,000 people identifying as affected by it. This type of damage is often easily avoided with hearing protection.

2) TV–FM wireless headphones. Is your Dad always turning the volume up on the television? He might benefit from a TV headset that links into the audio output of the television, or another assistive listening device for the TV. The technology for these has really improved recently and going wireless means there’s no annoying cables to get tangled. Using the closed captioning for your TV is also an easy trick for picking up the dialogue. Our qualified hearing therapists can offer independent advice on what might work for your Dad, depending on his level of hearing loss.

3) A free hearing test. Something for all budgets! Our free national service, funded by the Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People, is for all New Zealand residents (not just Dads) over 16 years who need help managing the impact of hearing loss in daily life. Our hearing therapists will work directly with your Dad to help him achieve his hearing-related goals, such as being able to hear better in meetings, talk to grandchildren on the phone or more effectively use his hearing aids (if they’re sitting unused in a drawer). Call 0800 008 011 for an appointment or book online here.

Hearing Therapy Services, provided by charitable trust Your Way | Kia Roha, is a national service funded by the Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People. We provide a FREE, independent service to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents aged 16 years and over.

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