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Missing things in conversation? This free communication workshop will help


This workshop has now finished. If you would like advice about living well with hearing loss, you can arrange a free consultation with Cheryl in Gisborne by calling 0800 008 011.

A free communication workshop in Gisborne aims to help people live well with hearing loss.

Local hearing therapist Cheryl Scott from Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy will run the workshop on Monday 10 July at the Blind Foundation Rooms in Grey Street.

The workshop will look at how to problem solve everyday situations that present challenges for those with hearing impairments.

“Hearing loss can have a big impact on people’s life,” says Scott.

“The aim of the workshop is to help people who live with a hearing loss identify the situations where hearing difficulties affect their life.

“It may be when they’re at work, socialising with friends, or at home with the family.

“Then, as a group, we’ll look at some of the strategies that can make a real difference – things like being aware of background noise and how our environment may be affecting our ability to hear well.

“We’ll also look at ways to improve communication skills and how to better educate others so they’re more aware of the ways they can communicating more effectively  – after all, a conversation is something that happens between two people!”

That’s why Scott welcomes family and friends along so they can also benefit from the free workshop.

Places are limited, so call 0800 008 011 to register for Cheryl Scott’s free communication workshop, or to book a free hearing assessment and consultation.

Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy is funded by the Ministry of Health to provide free hearing assessments, advice and information to New Zealanders 16 years and over.

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