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Hamilton clinic now open on Saturdays

Therese Leech

If you or your family or friends think you are having hearing difficulties, there’s no excuse for putting off that hearing evaluation now that Hamilton hearing therapist, Therese Leach, is running Saturday morning clinics.

Clinics are held every second Saturday of the month from 9am until 1pm at Your Way | Kia Roha on Palmerston Street.

“A lot of people ask to come after hours, so this is another option for people who don’t want to take time off work,” says Therese.

It also means there’s no excuse for those who use work commitments as a reason to avoid prioritising their hearing health.

“Lots of people manage to take time off work to go to the doctor or dentist — even for a haircut — but hearing is always way down the list.”

Therese says it’s not uncommon for people to wait as long as a year – if not more – before getting help for a hearing problem, but this just means they’re delaying finding solutions that may help and are living with discomfort and frustration unnecessarily.

She is hopeful Saturday clinics will remove one more barrier for people needing hearing therapy services. “And if it does get busy I’ll look at opening on even more Saturdays,” she says.

Call 0800 008 011 to book a Saturday appointment with Therese. Your Way | Kia Roha hearing service is funded by the Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People to provide free hearing therapy services to New Zealanders aged 16 years and over.

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