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Free workshops support people with hearing loss

Kelven Gaskill

30 October 2017 – A series of free communication workshops in Dunedin aims to help people live well with hearing loss.

Local hearing therapist Kelven Gaskill will deliver the workshops at the MS Building, 8 Baker Street, Dunedin on 9 and 23 November.

The aim of each one and a half hour workshop is to help people who live with a hearing loss identify the situations where hearing difficulties have the most impact on their life – whether that’s at home, work or in social environments.

Kelven will lead the group so they can problem solve those challenging everyday situations and share some of the strategies that have helped them, and there’ll be plenty of tips and tricks from Kelven along the way.

As part of the workshop people will also learn how to improve their communication skills and to gain the confidence to better educate others about the impact of hearing loss.

Family, whānau and friends are welcome to attend so they can also benefit by learning how they can communicate more effectively with loved ones living with hearing loss.

Places are limited, so call 0800 008 011 to register for Kelven Gaskill’s free communication workshop.

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