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Back to her roots for Melita

Waitara-born hearing therapist Melita Peselj is thrilled to be back in Taranaki and reconnecting with her family roots after spending many years living in Auckland and Northland.

Being able to return to her role as a hearing therapist with Life Unlimited is a wonderful bonus.

Melita brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role, not least because she knows what it’s like to deliver hearing therapy services over a large, rural region. As a hearing therapist in Northland with Life Unlimited she delivered clinics from Whangarei to Kaikohe to Kaitaia.

“Hearing therapy is client based. We focus on what the client feels is most important to them and can offer tips and strategies to help them manage the situations where they feel their hearing loss is impacting on them.”

“I see my role as walking alongside the client on their hearing loss journey; whether they are in the early stages of hearing loss and don’t know where to begin, or whether they need more support further down the track.”

Read more about how Melita worked with cochlear implant recipient John from Kaikohe.

Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy is a free and independent service funded by the Ministry of Health for New Zealanders aged 16 and over. As part of the service, Melita provides hearing evaluations and support so people can live well with hearing loss.

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