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Job and Training Support Funds 

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Support Funds help disabled people start employment or maintain employment. The fund is designed to help pay for extra things related to your disability. Job and Training Support Funds are administered by Work and Income. 

Job and Training Support Funds can be used for:  

  • Workplace modifications  
  • Assistive disability office furniture and adaptive software  
  • New Zealand Sign Language and other language interpreters 
  • Support person such as a reader / writer or driver 
  • Parking costs 
  • Transport to and from work if public transport is not suitable 
  • Productivity allowance – a wage subsidy paid to your employer while your workplace supports are being set up and you are learning new skills 
  • Job coach. 

Job and Training Support Funds can also be used for a range of other purposes. Find out more about Job Support and Training Funds from Work & Income.  

How do I apply for Job and Training Support Funds? 

To apply for Job Support, there are a few steps you will need to complete. 

  1. Fill in either Job Support Application form OR Training Support Application form
  2. Obtain evidence of your disability or health condition. If you are already a client with Work and Income, you may not need to provide this. Evidence of your disability comes in the form of:  
    • A medical certificate or letter from your GP 
    • A report from an Occupational Therapist or Psychologist 
    • Letter from ACC 
    • Evidence of on-going literacy or learning disabilities. 
  3. Gather information about what you need: 
    • Quotes of what you are applying for 
    • Approved identification of who you are. You may not need to provide identification if you are already a client with Work and Income. 
    • Details of your job or training (e.g. employment contract, registration of your training or evidence of self-employment). 
  4. Send in your application with all the above documentation. 


If your disability is the result of an accident that is covered by ACC, they may be able to fund modifications to your workplace.  Find out more about support from ACC

Contact Us 

If you need more information about completing your Job and Training Supports Fund, please feel free to Contact Us for support. 

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