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Who can get support from Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)?

Man sitting on wheelchair

Everyone in New Zealand is covered by ACC. So if your disability is the result of an accident, ACC may be able to help.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing when your accident happens. You might be at home or at work; playing sport or driving a car.

You may also be covered if your disability is caused by medical treatment, sexual assault or abuse, or if it is a condition that comes on gradually because of your work.

ACC can contribute to a wide range of medical costs, like doctor’s visits, physiotherapy or medicine.

They can also pay you weekly compensation if you have to stop work.

If you need help managing at home after your accident, ACC can arrange for help with things like housework, personal care and childcare.

ACC can cover the costs of transport, and in some cases overnight accommodation, if you need to travel to get to medical appointments.

Read more on the ACC website to find out about what we cover and how you can make a claim.

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