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Managing healthy relationships

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Developing good relationships is important for our wellbeing. Good relationships make us feel safe and nurtured; they make us feel valued and give us a sense of belonging. Good relationships are about having respect for one another.

Some relationships are unhealthy and aren’t good for our wellbeing. They can make us feel scared, and unsafe and affect our self-esteem. It’s important to recognise when a relationship isn’t positive and to ask for help.

Advice for a healthy relationship

Rape Prevention Education has developed Bodysafe, an education programme for secondary schools that promotes respectful relationships and aims to reduce sexual violence. You can visit the Bodysafe website for lots of clear information about having respect for the people in our lives and making sure that when we want to do something with someone else, we always have consent.

You can find information about relationships, sexual health, puberty and reproduction on the Family Planning website. They also have lots of good advice about healthy relationships, communication and coping with love and relationship breakups.

Take a look at the relationship section at the Lowdown. It has tips about managing relationships with friends and whanau, as well as coping with loss, breakups, dating and sex. And you can visit Rainbow Youth for information about healthy relationships for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI), and advice about what to do when relationships go wrong.

Places you can get support

People First have written an easy-read booklet called Safeguarding adults from abuse, neglect and harm. It has information about what abuse and neglect are, how you can stop it, and where you can get help. You can find the booklet in the easy-read resources section of their website.

Are you ok website is designed for disabled people, and their friends, family and support workers. It can help you decide whether your relationships are healthy and where you can go to find support.

If you’re a senior citizen and you’re concerned that your relationships with friends, family or carers are not positive, you can find help at Age Concern.

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