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Information for people who have experienced a stroke

According to the New Zealand Stroke Foundation, over 9000 Kiwis experience a stroke each year – that’s 24 people every day.

Strokes often occur without warning, and the impacts can last a lifetime.

A stroke is caused by a sudden interruption of blood flow to part of the brain, and can commonly result in hemiparesis – a weakness or paralysis in one side of the body.

This can make completing everyday tasks more challenging. However, adaptive equipment to assist with daily personal care, mobility and meaningful activities can help stroke survivors to live more independently.

Key pieces of adaptive equipment to make daily living easier for stroke survivors


People who have experienced a stroke may also want to consider the range of walking stick attachments for added safety.


Long Handled Body Brush




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The information in this article was supplied by Maxine Orange and Ellise Robinson as part of their occupational therapy studies at Otago Polytechnic.

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