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How can I get a mobility parking permit?

Mobility parking spaces

A mobility parking permit allows you to use specially marked mobility parking spaces. These spaces are usually wider to make it easier to get in and out of your car, and closer to venue entrances so there’s less distance for you to walk.

Not everyone who has a disability will qualify for a mobility parking permit. You will need your doctor to confirm you are unable to walk and require the use of a wheelchair, or your ability to walk distances is severely restricted by a medical condition or disability; for example, you need to use mobility aids or you experience severe pain or breathlessness. You may also be eligible if your disability means you need supervision to safely get around and you cannot be left unattended.

Permits are issued to a person, not a vehicle, and the permit holder must be getting in or out of the vehicle if you are using a mobility parking space.

Long-term mobility parking permits are valid for five years, but short-term permits are available if your disability is due to a temporary illness or injury. You will need to pay a fee when you apply.

Mobility parking permits are managed by CCS Disability Action. You can learn more about parking permits or apply at their mobility parking website.

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