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National Disability Leadership Group

Meet the people in our National Disability Leadership Group.
Lucy Earl, who has purple hair and glasses.
Lucy Earl
Madison wears a puffer jacket. Her fringe is dyed a gentle pink.
Madison Davy
David King wears a suit and shirt. He is also wearing a Pounamu necklace.
David King
Merina is wearing a blue shirt and a colourful flower print dress. She is smiling brightly.
Merina Tonise
Hutt Valley
Vaughan Mikkelson
Her hat reads; "Te Kura Kaupapa. Māori o te waiū o ngāti porou."
Hine Rehua (Sandra Wood)
Tim wears a hat, glasses, necklaces, and pins
Timothy Folkema
Lucy Earl, who has purple hair and glasses.

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