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Radio show shines light on daily challenges

Peter McLean hosts The Daily Challenges Show every Tuesday on FreeFM

“I got sick of people coming to me with their disability issues, so I thought I better do something about it.”

That’s what inspired Peter McLean to start his radio programme, The Daily Challenges Show, on Waikato access radio station FreeFM, and available nationwide by podcast.

The Daily Challenges Show airs every Tuesday morning and features a guest speaker each week. The aim of the show is to provide a space for people to talk about the challenges they face living with a disability and how it impacts on their life.

Peter has hosted the programme on and off over a number of years. He reckons he’s made more than 300 radio shows in that time.

Peter says the best thing about the programme is that it helps people to have a better understanding about what others are going though, and it shows that “people like myself can have a voice”.

“A lot of people won’t admit they have a disability. They’re too scared to talk about it. I thought, nah, I’ll give it a go – on a radio show.”

Peter hopes that when people hear him talking with his guests they will be encouraged to talk about their disability too, and the challenges they face every day.

And it’s worked. There is no shortage of guests. Peter says he gets most guests by “word of mouth” – he’s already well ahead of schedule with eight pre-recorded interviews in the can. It’s a lot of work, but Peter’s always planning the next show.

Life Unlimited supports the Daily Challenges Show, a radio programme hosted by Peter McLean and airing on 89.0 FreeFM in the Waikato every Tuesday, 11.30am-12pm. Listen to the podcast online – anywhere, anytime.

Want to get involved in community radio?

Access radio offers unique programmes made by, for and about real people in the community. So, if you’ve got something to say, community access radio is a great way to get your message out.

Contact your local access radio station to have a chat about your idea for a radio show. You don’t need any broadcasting experience, but in some cases there may be a small fee to get your show on the air. Ask the station about finding a sponsor.

There are 12 access radio stations across New Zealand. Find your local access radio station at www.acab.org.nz.

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Suggest an edit for Radio show shines light on daily challenges