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Online Information Hub goes live

Life Unlimited has unveiled new ways for people to get the information they need to live the life they choose.

The Online Information Hub pulls together information on a range of topics like living options, finding financial support, wellbeing, and work and study. And it’s been developed for people with disabilities as well as their family and carers – whether they care for children, teens or adults.

The project was coordinated by information advisor April Johnson, but she says many people have shaped the final outcome.

Right from the start, the online information resource was developed in consultation with a focus group of disabled people and their families. A reference group reviewed the information every step of the way to ensure quality.

Johnson says the impact of access to good information is “huge”.

“It makes a rocky road so much easier. But it has to be correct information – useful information – that is easy to understand.

“Many people we talked to also told us they don’t want to know what they don’t need to know. They want information that’s specific to them, and they don’t want to have to go to a lot of different places to get it.”

That’s why Life Unlimited developed a personalised information service alongside the Online Information Hub to help people who may have more specialised requests for information.

That means anyone can contact the organisation with any disability related question they have, and Life Unlimited will do all the running around to find an answer.

“What’s different about our information service is that it’s personalised and people can access it from lots of different points – from a Māori disability officer, over the phone, through an online enquiry or in person at one of our four Life Unlimited stores.

“People have told us the service we’re developing fits in with what they want and what they need.”

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Suggest an edit for Online Information Hub goes live