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Life #LiveChat on Online Information Hub

 src=Updated 14 June 2018 – Visitors to Life Unlimited’s disability information website can now get real-time answers to their real-time questions with Life #LiveChat.

Want to know how to get a mobility parking permit? Or where you can find national support organisations? Maybe you have questions about some of the new approaches to disability funding?

A friendly, knowledgeable Life Unlimited team member will be available at key times in the day to answer questions online.

The way people access information today is changing – something Hamilton-based charitable trust Life Unlimited sees first hand as part of its on-going Ministry of Health disability information contract.

With this in mind Life Unlimited has designed an information resource with input from disabled people and their families to provide the sort of information they said they wanted and needed.

Titled the Online Information Hub, it sits on the Life Unlimited website offering personalised information for whānau, family and carers and for people with disabilities.

Mark Brown, Chief Executive Officer - Life Unlimited
Mark Brown, Chief Executive Officer

The Life Unlimited team will answer questions either by phone, email, on social media or the website via Live Chat, drawing from research and our experience to provide relevant and credible responses.

Life Unlimited chief executive Mark Brown said the Online Information Hub had been developing and improving over the past year. The hub has more than 80 articles covering subjects ranging from education, employment, wellbeing and financial support.

More will be developed as people identified opportunities for other articles, he said.

Life Unlimited has also recently partnered with Attitude Pictures Ltd using their Question Time concept – an innovative and engaging way to deliver information through quirky interviews with a diverse range of disabled people, made by disabled people for disabled people, their family and supporters.

“Our aim is to be a place where people find answers to their own questions, and also spread the word about the Life Unlimited online hub and personalised disability information.

 src=“If we don’t know the answer, we will find it or ensure we put people in touch with the people who will know it,” said Mr Brown.

Life Unlimited has been providing disability information in the central North Island under contract to the Ministry of Health for over 35 years.

The New Zealand disability support system is about to undergo a transformation based on the Enabling Good Lives vision and principles.

“We felt it was important we design an information resource with input from disabled people and their families to provide the sort of information they said they wanted and needed,” said Mr Brown.

“Having online videos available allows people with disabilities to tell their stories in an easily accessible way which is why we partnered with Attitude Pictures.”

Watch our Question Time videos.