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Disability responsive training

John McIntosh
Community liaison John McIntosh writes about the role of disability responsive training

31 May 2017 – Although many of us have some personal knowledge and understanding of disability, we don’t always recognise barriers that may exist in our workplace or recreation environments.

Therefore, we are often not aware of the difficulties people with disabilities might face in something as simple as accessing every-day services.

Disability Responsive Training is designed to educate organisations and businesses on disability related issues and to break-down and eliminate the barriers that exist to achieve a fully inclusive society.

At Life Unlimited we have developed a multi-faceted Disability Responsive Training programme to help all people to understand disability and the need for inclusion.

The programme is interactive, delivered in a non-threatening way while catering for all learning styles. We typically deliver at the client’s venue for either a two or three hour session.

By increasing awareness and improving accessibility we are laying the foundation for building an inclusive community and achieving equality for disabled people. Education around appropriate responsiveness to disabled people will promote value, inclusion and participation within our communities.

We all have a duty to ensure that a person with a disability can access services and environments on the same terms as any other person.

Learn more about Disability Responsive Training delivered by Life Unlimited.

In my last column for Infolink, I wrote about the New Zealand Disability Strategy and the vision for the strategy that is encapsulated by eight outcomes.

I also wrote about the Outcomes Framework that will help measure the progress of the Disability Strategy, which is due to be developed this year in consultation with the public.

The schedule for public consultation is yet to be decided, so be sure to keep an eye on the Office for Disability Issues website for updates.

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