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Additional van added, more transport options

11 November 2016

Life Unlimited Community Services general manager William Hughes
Life Unlimited Community Services general manager William Hughes

Hamilton Taxis has added a second mobility van to their fleet to provide a 24 hour, seven day a week service to make getting around Hamilton easier for people in mobility scooters and power wheelchairs.

Life Unlimited Community Services general manager William Hughes says the new van is a welcome addition that will enable people with disabilities to have greater access to their community.

“The lack of accessible transport has been a frequent concern of many of the people we support who rely on mobility scooters or power wheelchairs,” says Mr Hughes. “In the past it’s effectively meant they just can’t go out after dark.”

Hamilton Taxis general manager Andy Collins says it’s an issue they’ve been aware of for some time.

“It’s always been a concern dropping customers in town knowing that after seven at night they might not be able to get home when they need to, so we’re thrilled that we can now provide them with an around-the-clock service,” says Mr Collins.

Hamilton Taxis is also planning to upskill mobility van drivers with Life Unlimited Store offering training on the correct manual handling and securing of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs for safe transportation.

Hamilton Taxis is a Total Mobility provider. Contact Hamilton Taxis on 07 847 7477 or book online at www.hamiltontaxis.co.nz.

Taxi driver Bharat Reddy operates power lift on a mobility van with Andy Collins from Hamilton Taxis
Driver Bharat Reddy and Hamilton Taxis General Manager Andy Collins put the powered lift on their mobility van to the test.